Sailor Everything

In a Universe where there is a Sailor Scout for everything...

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cranberrychocolatesundae asked: Just as long as you incorporate the Cedar tree, it's our national symbol! <3 :)

Every country has a multitude of national symbols including plants, animals, colors and more. I just can’t feasibly include all of them for all the countries. This is just my interpretation of each country based on their flag. Nothing more. I’m sorry if that’s disappointing to you, but that’s all I’m signing on for.

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eossonishipsteric asked: as regards the sailors of the world, you could also consider that many countries have a national colour that has nothing to do with the flag. Example: Italy has light blue; Australia has green and yellow, New Zealand has black and so. I hope it might help you to differentiate the scouts a bit. And thanks for accepting the challange, you are awesome ;)

I appreciate that but I’m going to continue with sticking to the main racial demographic and the flag. I’m glad you’re enjoying them thus far! I realize that doing one letter at a time will cause them to take quite a while, but I’m enjoying the challenge. All day Saturday is pretty much the letter B for what it’s worth :P Prepare yourselves!

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cranberrychocolatesundae asked: Sailor Lebanon! :D

As you may have noticed, all the countries I’ve done so far start with the letter A. I will be getting to all of them eventually, I assure you. Just going down the list :) It will take a few days or longer, so be patient!